All your frequently asked questions answered


How would you describe your photography approach?

I like to approach capturing a wedding in a relaxed way. Taking photos of moments as they unfold rather than manipulating them. I understand that being in front of the camera can be daunting so I will give you plenty of encouragement and some direction to get you comfortable.

Did you study photography?

Yip! I took photography as an extra subject in high school for three years. After high school, I went on to study a four year Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art at Michaelis where photography was my major.

How long in advance should we book?

Anywhere from 6- 12 months. I don’t take bookings further than 12 months in advance. You can let me know what date you had in mind and I can contact you when it's a year in advance.

How do I secure my booking?

The first step is to fill in the form on my Contact page. Please give as much detail as possible. I will be send my Wedding Packages as well as my Terms and Conditions Agreement. Let me know which Package you would like to go with and I will send you an invoice for the booking fee(50% packages price). Once you have paid the invoice and signed the T&C’s your booking is confirmed.

Is the booking fee refundable?

It is not refundable. I turn away other clients once you have booked. Make sure your date is secure and that you definitely want me to capture your day.

Can we meet/chat before we book?

Yes absolutely! If you are located in Cape Town it would be lovely to meet up for coffee. If you are not located in Cape Town I am happy to hop onto a Skype Call and chat.

What can we do to ensure the best photos of our day?

Trust your photographer and don’t get hung up about the small details that are out of your control. Prioritize at least 40 mins before sunset for your couple shoot. During this time focus on eachother and the photos will be magic. Make sure your reception is well lit with beautiful candles and lights.

Do you do videography?

I don’t do videography but I can recommend amazing videographers. As my approach is of a documentary nature it is important for your videographer to work in a similar way. It will make the day easier for everyone.

How many weddings do you do on a weekend?

I only take one booking a weekend. I want to capture your wedding with all my concentration and energy. That is why I do not take bookings back to back.

Are Travel costs included?

For local weddings within a radius of 120kms from Claremont Cape Town travel is included. This means a roundtrip of 240km in total. Any extra travel will be charged at R3 per km. A one night’s stay is included for me and my second shooter. For weddings out of the province/ overseas I will add an extra travel fee onto the package you choose. This will cover flight,car hire etc.

Do you always work with a second shooter?

Yes all packages include a second shooter. It means we are able to cover your day from different vantage points. We don't split up on the day but cover each aspect together.


Do you need a place to sit and food at our reception?

Yes after a long day of shooting a plate of food and a place to sit is really welcome. It is important that we eat at the same time of guests. This ensures we are ready to capture all the moments after dinner. We don’t have to sit with guests but it is preferable. We also don’t have to be seated together.

What gear do you use and how do you keep our images safe?

I use professional Sony Mirrorless gear. My cameras have two card slots. This means each image I take is recorded twice. Once I get home, your images will be copied onto a minimum of three external hard drives. One of which is stored in another location.

Do you work overtime?

Yes, I understand that timelines don’t always go to plan. If things run late and certain events haven’t yet been captured we can stay later. You will be invoiced for the extra hours.

How long will it take to get my images back?

A sneak peek will be posted within the week following the wedding. You will receive a gallery link. The rest of the images will be ready 8-12 weeks after your wedding date. This is the most time consuming parts of my workflow. I make sure each image is exactly how I want it before I send them off.

How many images will I receive?

This depends on the package you choose. These are the minimum amounts for each package: Brave Package: 300 Bold Package: 500 Fearless Package: 600

Can I get the RAW files?

I do not give the RAW files. The edited images are my final work. Make sure you absolutely love my editing style before you book.

Do you keep a backup of the images?

I keep a backup of the High-Res Images for three months after you have received them.

Can you Photoshop x y and z out of our images?

My style is to capture things as naturally as possible. This means that I won’t photoshop anything out. I am not a retoucher. However if there is something you would like removed I can refer you to a retoucher at your own expense.

How long have you been doing weddings?

I launched Koa Photography in June 2016. It's been a wonderful journey of learning and growing. I still absolutely love what I do and count it a massive privellege.

Do you do Photography full time?

Yes! This is my main job. You can have piece of mind knowing that this is my main focus. All my attention and energy is poured into this business and looking after my clients.

What does Koa mean?

Koa is a hawain word that means Brave/Warrior . It’s pronounced: KOH-uh. There is also a tree called an Acacia Koa.