I know it's a rather strange title but I found it perfectly describes the bag I bring along to weddings with helpful items. After having second shot for other wedding photographers we often mentioned how great it would be to carry those helpful items. I decided to start putting together a bag of these items. Slowly it has grown and I thought I would share it with you all. Nothing too fancy just ordinary everyday items. 

wedding first aid kit jpeg

I am someone who likes to be prepared and I want my clients to be able to relax and know that I have all the random items that they might need throughout the day. The times of the day when the items are most needed is during prep photos and later in the wedding day during the couple shoot. Below is the image of the bag I found at Woolworths. It is nice and practical with plenty of space for all the items.

I must say the items that seem to be needed the most are definitely scissors, lip balm and Flash Tape otherwise affectionately known as "boob tape". It took me ages to hunt down this tape and I finally found it at Storm in a G Cup. I was also told time and time again to just use double sided tape but I thought it would be great to have the real stuff. I have seen so many wonderful dresses and it is important for those wearing them to feel secure and know that nothing is showing. 

The other items that seem to be really helpful are a needle and thread as well as cotton buds. A needle and thread to sew a last minute pickup for a dress or attach a button that has come off. Cotton Buds are great to touchup a spot of makeup without smearing the mark. I once saw a makeup artist hide a few cotton buds in and amongst the brides bouquet to touch up her eye makeup if she teared up during the ceremony. I thought it would such a wonderful idea. 

Another random item that comes in handy (excuse the pun) is the hand sanitiser. Once the couple have signed the register and stamped their fingerprints, the hand sanitiser helps clean off the ink quickly. 

When it gets to couple shoot time it has been a long day and the bride and groom are maybe not feeling as fresh as they were at the start. I have included little deodorants and wipes just to freshen up. 

Makeup and Hair stylists have spent so much time on makeup and hair and I want that to reflect in the photos. Having some bobby pins along with a comb and some hairspray help to keep the hair looking amazing during the couple shoot. 

Have a look at all the items I carry in the bag below and let me know if you have any suggestions of things to include.